Flying Lamp

Sometimes my clients end up becoming good friends. Snowbirds Bill and Carol are one such example. When they are in town Carol and I usually find time during their stay to have lunch. “I want you to come up and look at a project I have in mind,” she said as we savored a delicious dessert.

We set a date and as it turned out decided on a ShimmerStone treatment for the master bedroom. At the end of our consultation, Carol with a gleam in her eye invited me to come look at the guest room in which I had executed a combination of ShimmerStone and Venetian plaster treatment. As I entered the room I couldn’t help noticing a heavy metal lamp embedded into the wall! “Whoa! What happened?!” I exclaimed.

“Well, we’ve told many versions of that story,” she said. Try as I did to get her to tell me the true scoop, she would just shake her head and laugh.

“So, I’m guessing you’ll want me to repair that damage,” I offered.

“Oh, no, not yet!” she laughed! My imagination took over. The night stand wasn’t very close to the wall, so how in the world did the lamp gain enough velocity to penetrate the wall just above the level of the stand? Did someone throw it; not likely. Could someone have tripped over the cord; still hard to picture. Maybe a grandkid got rambunctious; but the youngsters didn’t usually stay in that room. Carol wasn’t about to give up the real story, so I eventually put it out of my mind. I figured that she didn’t want it repaired because she was having too much fun.

On a subsequent visit long after I’d finished the master bedroom, I got a call from Carol who said she was ready for me to do the repair. Amazingly, the lamp was so heavy that when I removed it from the wall I discovered it was unscathed! So, I did the repair and the mystery still remains as to “who done it.”

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