About Deborah Starrs

The Faux Approach

To me there is no such thing as a “plain wall.” Walls have character and personality. By the time I start a project I discover the DNA of each wall, from sheetrock to plaster to the paint. I sometimes encounter popping nail heads, paint drips, pimples of balled paint. Textured walls should have a consistent rhythm. Faux shows everything. Sometimes this can be a good thing, sometimes, not so much. With attention to detail, by the time I am finished with a treatment, I’ve brought out the beautiful character of the walls, in many cases covered a multitude of sins and detracted from any imperfections, leaving a beautiful and harmonious ambience.

Her level of integrity and her technical knowledge are so far and above what we normally encounter that we hire her for all interior decorative art and consult with her on a myriad of projects and repairs.

Sneak Peak of Gallery

Fairy Mural For Girls Bedroom
Architectural Stenciling
Bathroom Mural
Faux Finesse Logo
Restoration Of Fireplace Mantel
Faux Finish Bathroom
Restoration Of Fireplace Wood Mantel
Restoration Of Room Divider
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