Elegant, Original Wall Treatments

in specialty plasters

Painted faux wall behind bed

Venetian Plaster

Metallic Plaster & Paint




Faux Wall Treatments

FAUX not slang or Thai soup, spelled faux, but not fox. It’s French for fake or false, but it is real art.

I specialize in elegant, original wall treatments. I am not a painter as in I don’t do production painting, although I do work with paint as well as specialty plasters. Technically I’m a faux finishing, decorative artist. Bringing beauty and harmony to living or office space is what I love to do. 

I’m also very good at restoring damaged faux finishes. Who do you know who is moving into a new home or office space or is doing renovations? Give them my number and say, “You might want to be aware of Deborah. Mention my name for a complimentary consult.

Complimentary Consult


“Deborah has a phenomenal eye for color and color matching and I have not worked with a better artist in my years as a homebuilder.”

Before & After Gallery

"It’s my belief that the artist who can take an otherwise dull room or space and create something that becomes a focal point is an absolute must."

Before Faux Repairs WallAfter Faux Repairs Wall
Before Faux Room Divider TreatmentAfter Faux Room Divider Treatment
Before Faux Design FireplaceAfter Faux Design Fireplace
Before Faux Restoration For A WallAfter Faux Restoration For A Wall

Elaborate Use of Stencils

The finesse is in the details, making vents, eyeball lights and music grilles all but disappear.

Camouflaged Speakers

Camouflaged Eyeball Lights

Finished Ceiling

Colonial Colorful: My client friend Jo is moving into her 4th Tucson residence. I’ve done work in every one of them beginning with her modest townhome to the foothills where we truly went “over the top” in the dining room. Primarily we used elaborate stencils, then enhanced them with hand painting. The finesse is in the details, making vents, eyeball lights and music grilles all but disappear.

We kept adding, first a border from the ceiling. And finally I assembled a combination of stencils to create a wainscoting from the floor to chair rail height; all enhanced with hand painting. The result was a colorful, encompassing and warm atmosphere which delighted all who enjoyed Jo’s hospitality.

I appreciated her candor in telling us what could and could not be done, suggesting alternative treatments to areas damaged beyond reasonable repair.

Faux Finesse Repairs

"Her expertise was evidenced in our inability to detect where the repairs were made once she was finished."

Before Faux Repairs Wall Painting Of Potted PlantAfter Faux Repairs Wall Painting Of Potted Plant
Before Faux Repairs BaseboardAfter Faux Repairs Baseboard
Before Faux Restoration For A MantelAfter Faux Restoration For A Mantel
Before Faux Camouflage Wall OutletAfter Faux Camouflage Wall Outlet


Deborah is an artiste extraordinaire with uncanny abilities in blending color, style and design into an appealing cohesive whole. With a lifelong background in fine art, she can pull disjointed elements within an existing room together gracefully and artfully. From murals to simple color washes, the emphasis is on finesse.

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